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ICEY arrives on the Nintendo Switch on May 31st

Just fight, Don’t think is a perfect tagline for ICEY, a sidescrolling high-speed action heading to the Nintendo Switch on May 31st.

ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling ACT and a META game in disguise. As you follow the narrator’s omnipresent voice, you will see through ICEY’s eyes and learn the truth about her world. The narrator will constantly urge you in one direction, but you must ask, “Why? Why am I following his directions?”

Link together combos as you hack your enemies away as you absorb energy released from kill shots to then release a massive attack that damages all enemies within view.

ICEY will be available for $9.99 and to commemorate the game’s launch on the Nintendo Switch it will be available for 10% off for a limited time.

ICEY is also available to download on the PlayStation 4 and Steam.