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I’ve been putting in countless hours into Dragon Ball FighterZ the moment I received my copy. Doing everything from the story mode to unlock Android 21, training, challenging the arcade mode and playing online has been worth every moment, except for the moments that I can’t login into a lobby with my friends.

You see while I try to improve my skills or challenge my various friends for validation and superiority, you all have to be in the same lobby and there is no way to actually just jump into a game without jumping through a few needless hoops. There are no invites to players directly of your friends list, if you want to play a friend one of you needs to make a room with a passkey and give your friends that passkey just to fight there’s a bit more to this issue and I’ll get to it in a second, you have to do this extra step or anyone in the lobby can jump into the fight and while you can deny the fight on two or three occasions you might get paired with that same person. Since each lobby only holds 64 players each, at night or during the weekend when everyone else is on it can be a bit frustrating to set up some sessions with friends only because you might need to keep jumping into a lobby that has room.

The other issue with the current lobby is the lack of character select after a battle. Let’s say I am practicing with a team and I lose, rather than being able to character select I either need to play again with that team or exit out and re-do the whole match process again which with friends can be a pretty annoying step, hence why right now I rather spend that extra time driving over to them but one thing is for sure the net code on the game is excellent, even when the servers were crazy with everyone trying to get in during the beta, I never really had any issues with netplay and even now I have yet to have any real problems.

The online battle queues also need a little bit of work, when trying to play online in ranked or casual matches I find myself bored waiting. It can take anywhere from a minute or longer to be paired but you also need to constantly check to see if there is someone in the wings waiting for your okay. If you do anything else, lets say practice your queue is put on hold which means you need to exit out to play any matches which is a bit of a drag. Being able to jump into a match is something I’d love to see added in a future update, so I am not just there waiting.

Luckily Bandai Namco Entertainment is aware of a few of the online issues with the game and recently posted up the following statement:

“The launch of DRAGON BALL FighterZ has been nothing short of phenomenal in regards to support from Dragon Ball and fighting game fans. However, a side-effect of this massive support has been online-play difficulties that could not have been anticipated without the actual launch of the game taking place. We are in constant communication with the dev team, keeping them apprised of the issues, and they are working on solutions to improve the online-play experience for DRAGON BALL FighterZ. We want to thank everyone for their continued patience and we’ll share more news pertaining to improvements for DRAGON BALL FighterZ’s online-play experience as soon as they are available.”

I’m loving the game and can only imagine it getting better as time passes.

Stay tuned for our full review of Dragon Ball FighterZ coming soon.