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Hyperkin announces the Hyper Blaster HD, an NES Zapper Gun that works on modern TVs

It’s time to dust off those old Duck Hunt carts you might have sitting in your closet. At CES, Hyperkin best known for releasing retro consoles such as the Retron and Supaboy as well as a line of video game accessories announced the Hyper Blaster HD, a modern-day NES Light Zapper that is compatible with modern televisions.

The original Zapper’s don’t work as Nintendo was able to sync the light gun with the technology tied cathode ray tube televisions. It’s actually quite interesting on how the whole thing worked, as you pulled the trigger on the Zapper, the television screen would go black for a single frame. As for the targets, those would appear as white boxes which would appear in the following frame and if you managed to score a hit within the center of the sensor array, it would count as a hit.

Hyperkin’s Hyper Blaster HD will include a special HD adapter that will sync to your television. As of right now, it is only compatible with original NES consoles so you won’t be able to use it with any third party systems including the recently released Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD.

No price or release date was announced but it does bring new life to all of those old NES carts that you couldn’t play unless you have a CRT monitor somewhere at home.