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Hugh Jackman Lands Role in Joe Wright’s PETER PAN

Hugh Blackbeard

Warner Bros. Studios announced that actor Hugh Jackman will play the villain in British director Joe Wright’s adaptation of “Peter Pan.” Jackman will portray notorious real life pirate Blackbeard with this take on the Pan story, which teams up Peter with Captain Hook.  Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution president Sue Kroll had this to say about the addition of Jackman to the project.

“There is a reason that Hugh is known and loved the world over. He is uncompromising in his dedication to every role, and we are all thrilled to be working with him again.” 

The role of Peter Pan has not been cast, but actor Garrett Hedlund (“On the Road”) has signed on to play a more sympathetic version of Captain Hook. Apparently when the Hook character was younger, he was Blackbeard’s boatswain or the senior crewman of the deck department who supervises the other members of the ship’s deck crew. If the screenwriter, Jason Fuchs, follows this school of thought, it would be a perfect introduction to Jackman’s Blackbeard.

Hugh Jackman will next be seen reprising his role as Wolverine/Logan in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which is due in theaters on May 23rd.

The as of yet untitled “Pan” movie is scheduled for a July 17, 2015 release.

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