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80’s Movies & Hollywood’s Obsession with Remakes & Reboots

80s80’s Movies & Hollywood’s Obsession with Remakes & Reboots By Chris Salce

Over the past few years, the movie industry has been obsessed with remakes & reboots. Movies like Karate Kid, Total Recall, the Friday the 13th series, Conan, Evil Dead, Halloween & Teen Wolf have been remade or rebooted. & while remakes of Robocop, Ninja Turtles, Poltergeist, The Goonies, Bloodsport are being talked about or are on the way, the question is why? Why remake something that has been done before & something that was already satisfying?

The 80’s gave birth to so many classic movies with original concepts. Audiences were packing theaters because it would be the first time that they got to see things like animatronic turtles, flying Deloreans used for time travel, robot cops, candy loving aliens, groups of kids hunting monsters or even a basketball playing werewolf. Yes, these all sound like pretty goofy ideas now but they all worked because they were all original ideas.

Recent reboots like Evil Dead, Karate Kid, Conan & Total Recall (just to name a few) got people into the theater mainly because of the title names themselves. Fans of the original films were split between not giving these remakes a chance or going to see them in hopes of these new versions doing the original versions proud. Most gave the newer films a chance but came out with mixed reviews. Mostly bad. What remakes do have over the originals are bigger budgets, better effects & maybe not as many cheesy sayings. The acting is debatable. Even with more money for better effects & some more known actors, doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will be better than the original.

The way Hollywood measures the success of a film is by how much money it makes. That’s all that Hollywood cares about. As for the way we fans measure the success of a film, is more about if these remakes do the original films justice, if they bring back a piece of our childhood, or if it’s just a good flick that we would want to watch over & over again. & let’s be honest, most of us never seen any of the remakes or reboots more than once if at all with exceptions to the superhero remakes & reboots like Man of Steel, Dark Knight & Captain America. Which have had success with both Hollywood & fans for the most part.

To me, it’s like an artist repainting the Mona Lisa. It would not be anything near as good as the first nor would anybody really care to see something that lacks originality. If you are like me & feel like Hollywood keeps ruining pieces of your childhood, tough luck. As long as these movies keep making studios money, they will keep pumping out remake after remake & reboot after reboot, whether it’s for a newer audience or older. These remakes & reboots are a safe bet for Hollywood because they know that they will always have an audience for them. As for us fans, we just hope they won’t screw them up & that Hollywood is just running out of ideas.

-Chris Salce