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HOLD UP HEART Review: So Much Happening in So Little Time and it Works

HUH (Poster)Hold Up Heart is a dark comedy short film written by Edward Kiniry-Ostro whom also stars in the film. By the title alone, you think “oh, just another romantic indie film.” Well, at least that’s what I thought when I first read the title but wow was I wrong. In a film that is about ten minutes and 49 seconds long, so many things happen that you can’t really predict what’s going to happen next.

Edward Kiniry-Ostro stars as Jeff and in the opening scene, you see Jeff and his friend Laurie (Trisha LaFache) in a car as she tries to give Jeff confidence to do something. You are not too sure what she’s trying to amp him up for but it ends up being pretty funny. We then follow Jeff into a liquor store where all sorts of things happen.

I don’t want to spoil the film for you too much but to make a short story even shorter, an attempted robbery goes awry when it turns out that everyone involved happen to know each other.

The situations that take place in this film make for a pretty funny ten minute short film. All in the span of ten minutes, you get a love story, a love triangle, buddy comedy and an action film all in one, which is pretty impressive. The relationships between the characters were believable and a large part of that credit goes to the cast.I could actually see a full-length film coming out of this short film, that’s how much story was told and by the end of the film, there’s still more story that could be told. There was a bit overload of cuss words used but the nickname that the character Jeff is given counts for about half of it and it happens to be a pretty hilarious nickname. So every time you hear the nickname, you can’t help but to laugh.

I would give Hold up Heart 8 fridges out of 10. The cussing could have been dialed back a bit for a short film but it was still pretty funny. The actors did their job and made the characters believable. You get a lot more than expected from a short film.

If you’d like to watch Hold Up Heart, just go to holdupheart.com.