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HIT GIRL Heads To Hollywood In New Comic Book Series Penned By Kevin Smith

Our favorite underage violent vigilante will be taking aim at some well deserving foes in the continuing story arc for the Hit-Girl comic book series. Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood is the upcoming series hitting stands January of 2019. The story will be penned by Kevin Smith with the art being masterfully drawn by Pernille ørum. Now truth be told, our initial understanding was that this new story would see Hit-Girl exacting her form of punishment on Hollywood predators plaguing the entertainment industry, however, Kevin Smith has taken to Facebook today where he posted this statement to clarify where the story is headed.

“First off despite what Mark Miller said, my Hit-Girl arc is not about Hollywood predators – it’s about the making of a Hit-Girl movie.”

Wherever this story arc is headed, we’re pretty sure they’ll be plenty of violence whenever Hit-Girl is around.


Writer Kevin Smith made an earlier statement regarding the upcoming Hit-Girl comic book series.

“I wrote most of The Golden Rage of Hollywood Hit-Girl arc while recuperating after my health scare, so it was Mindy McCready and her bloody thirst for justice who helped me mend my broken heart. Telling tales with Mark’s toys was an absolute pleasure, but having Pernille bring it all to life makes this a must-read for me! Pernille’s style is like hot cocoa for the eyes and soul, so I’m ecstatic she opted to lend it to our pint-sized, pre-pubescent Punisher!”  

Are you excited for the next chapter of young Mindy McCready in the Kick-Ass universe? I know we are!