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Hideo Kojima’s Goodbye To METAL GEAR SOLID, Ends On A Very Touching Note

Metal-Gear-Solid-VWith Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain finally released, it looks like Hideo Kojima’s time with Konami may be over, but not before releasing the With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Debriefing on the official Konami Youtube page.

The video features Hideo Kojima traveling to see different people who worked on the game from the music composer to the voice actors for Miller and Ocelet who talk about working with Kojima and how much influence his games brought not only to the gamers but the industry as well. While the video features tons of praise for Kojima, Kojima talks about how much he thought that each time he worked on a Metal Gear title, he always expected it to be his last, and with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain his main goal was to create a game fans would enjoy and exceed their expectations.

The real touching moment of the video is towards the end where Kojima makes on final stop, he goes to a house where he visits the family of one fan who was really looking forward to the game but was very ill at the time. His mother mentions how much gaming helped him become stronger through all his chemotherapy and while he didn’t make it in the end spends some time learning about the devoted fan.

It is a surprise to the see debriefing video up since Konami removed mentions of Kojima and Kojima Studios on the box (but not in game, which has Kojima and his team all over it). but it does feel like a nice send off to a man who devoted so much time to create an amazing series he may not be part of anymore. Konami has stated they plan on continuing the MGS series in the future without Kojima but it definitely won’t be the same.

Thank you Hideo Kojima, for all the wonderful gaming hours you’ve given us, and we look forward to what;s coming from you next.