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Here’s The Shortlist For Female Lead in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII

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According the The Wrap three actresses are on the shortlist to be cast as the “Female Lead” in Star Wars Episode VIII. 

The top three are Gina Rodriguez ( Jane the Virgin ), Tatiana Maslany ( Orphan Black ), and Olivia Cooke ( Bates Motel ).   Although it looks as they may be the frontrunners nothing is set until we get official word by Lucasfilm.  Plus, rumor has it that these three ladies and possibly others are still auditioning for the part and the casting will be decided on who has the best chemistry with John Boyega (Finn).

Other rumors for this movie include that Benecio del Toro is in talks to play a villain.

Star Wars Episode VII opens in theaters on May 26, 2017 and will be directed by Rian Johnson