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Help Officer Isaac ho’opi’I Get His Heroic 9/11 and PTSD Story Told

A Kickstarter has been launched to help filmmakers Stephen Tringali and Maria Bissell to complete the documentary, Corridor FourCorridor Four is the story of K9 Unit Officer Isaac ho’opi’I, who struggles with PTSD after his heroic actions at the Pentagon during 9/11.


Filmmakers Stephen Tringali and Maria Bissell are proud to present Corridor Four, the story of K9 Unit Officer Isaac Ho’opi’I, a man praised for his heroic actions at The Pentagon on 9/11, and the post traumatic stress disorder he experienced immediately afterward. With over 110 hours of footage, and 28 interviews over 5 states, the story of a man who sacrificed all he had can finally be told.

To learn how you can help and more info on Corridor Four, visit these links below:

Official Kickstarter

Corridor Four Facebook

Corridor Four Trailer