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Hellraiser: Judgement Blu-ray


The Movie


The dreaded Pinhead returns in the next terrifying chapter of the classic Hellraiser series. Three detectives trying to stop a diabolical serial killer are sucked into a maze of otherworldly horror, where hellish denizens including the Auditor, the Assessor, and the Jury await to pass judgment.

Directed By: Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Written By: Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Starring: Heather Langenkamp (Landlady), Paul T. Taylor (Pinhead), Randy Wayne (Detective David Carter), Alexandra Harris (Detective Christine Egerton), Gary J. Tunnicliffe (The Auditor), Rheagan Wallace (Alison Carter), Mike J. Regan (The Chatterer), John Gulager (The Assessor), Helena Grace Donald (Jophiel), and more.

Genre: Horror

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: Approx. 81 Minutes

Blu-ray Details


  • English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio


  • Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Subtitles: Spanish & English SDH

Special Features

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel

My Thoughts

I give the Hellraiser: Judgment Blu-ray a C-.

This film was a straight to Blu-ray release. Though the trailer looked awesome and grabbed my attention,  the film left me a little disappointed.  With that in mind, I am a huge Hellraiser fan. Pinhead is my favorite horror icon added with Doug Bradley’s haunting performance.  I knew this time around that Bradley would not be reprising his role but replaced with Actor, Paul T. Taylor.  I was not opposed to this change though I knew it wouldn’t be the same but kept an open mind while watching this. This film did not feel like a Hellraiser film.   I was looking forward to the torture, gore, the Cenobites, Pinhead’s haunting presence.  There was none of that!

*Contains Spoilers*

We were introduced to new characters: The Auditor, The Assessor, Judgment, and The Butcher.  The Auditor (Gary J. Tunnicliffe) reminded me more of Renfield from Bram Stocker’s Dracula than a follower of Pinhead. Even the way he spoke was very similar to Renfield.  The Assessor didn’t make any sense to me. He would take the victim’s sins  (which was type-written on paper with their own blood by the Auditor) and eat it.  Then he would proceed to vomit into a pipe. It has the gross and shock factor but still didn’t seem like something from Hellraiser.  The next scene would be Judgement- The Jury. The Jury were these half-naked girls with their face torn-off at the mouth. They would feel said vomit and make their judgment. Once The Jury gave their verdict, the victim would be sent to be cleansed and to the Butcher.  The house where all this occurred didn’t feel like a second dimension, but a warehouse setting out of the Saw Franchise.  I didn’t quite get why there were in that particular house.  I was thinking maybe it was the house from the first Hellraiser where Julia died (just a speculation as I haven’t found anything on it as of yet).  From previous films, Pinhead and his followers had to be summoned by the Lemarchand’s box (lament configuration).  Though there were several boxes sitting on a mantel, it wasn’t really used to summon except maybe in the beginning of the film and towards the end.

Pinhead.  I did keep an open mind with him.  Paul T. Taylor was a great fit.  He definitely looked the part and I felt he would have done the character justice if he was in the film more.  Most of the scenes he was in, he was sitting in a chair.  He had Pinhead’s mannerisms but I didn’t like his voice only because it was hard to understand him at times.

When I was watching this film, I couldn’t stop thinking that some of the scenes reminded me of Saw.  With the gruesome opening scene down to three detectives collecting clues to catch a diabolical killer with an added twist at the end.

If you are a Hellraiser or Horror fan,  you’ll definitely check this Blu-ray out regardless. Give it a try.  You may see something to it and really like it!

Catch Hellraiser: Judgment out on Blu-ray & Digital February 13, 2018.