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See What Director Josh Trank Had to Say About the Dr. Doom Gender Swap Rumor


Yesterday, there was a rumor from The Hollywood Reporter that blew up all over the internet about Fox not rulining out the possibility of a gender change for Dr. Doom in the reboot of Fantastic Four. Well I’m guessing the fans weren’t the only ones that didn’t take that rumor too well.

Director of the reboot Josh Trank, took to Twitter & addressed the rumor saying:

The THR gender speculation is also bullshit. Next.”

Not only did he put that rumor to rest, but also he shot down the “leaked” casting call plot. The funny thing about that is, after many of sites posted that “leaked” casting call plot, Fox reached out to all of them (including us) asking for it to be removed. Normally when they ask for the removal of something, that’s usually because it’s legit. Trank also denied rumors of Michael B. Jordan being cast as the Human Torch, but so far, Jordan is the only one that has “officially” been cast for the project.

Trank once again took to Twitter shortly after the first Tweet & said this:

All of the rumors I’ve debunked so far were really false, except for one of them.

So which one is it? The Michael B. Jordan one seems to be the most obvious but then again as I stated earlier, the studio asking for the removal of the leaked casting call plot could mean it was the real thing. Who knows? When it comes to Hollywood, you never know what you can expect.

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