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“Haunted Attractions LA” by Russ Troutt
It’s officially Fall and next week we will be into October. Since I’m not in Tennesse anymore I can’t enjoy watching the leaves change colors, but I can enjoy the next best thing; haunted attractions! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year and I love going to as many haunted houses as possible throughout the month of October. There are many to choose from, but I thought I’d take a minute to list some haunted attractions you should be aware of in Los Angeles area this year.
1. Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/: If I were forced to choose just one haunted attraction to check out this year, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights would be the one I’d invest my money in. Every year they create newly themed mazes and this years line up looks scary good. Mazes include The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven, Evil Dead: Book of the Dead, Insidious: Into the Further, Black Sabbath: 13-3D, El Cucuy: The Boogeyman, and Universal’s Monsters Remix: Resurrection. On top of that, be careful while walking from one maze to the other because they have plenty of monsters running around the park. For the best experience, I highly suggest paying a little extra for the VIP treatment.
2. Knott’s Scary Farm http://www.knotts.com/: Starting September 26th and all through the month of October, Knott’s Berry Farm turns into Knott’s Scary Farm. They do a wonderful job of decorating the park in the spirit of Halloween and have their handful of monsters running around the park as well. In addition to the rides, they also create some great mazes and shows. One of the many new attractions this year is Elvira’s Sinema Seance, which I’m sure will be a great show. They also brought back Trapped: The New Experiment and from what I hear it is bigger, better, and scarier!
3.  The Queen Mary http://www.queenmary.com/:  Any given day of the year you can take a tour of the haunted Queen Mary ship, but the harbor becomes very dark during the month of October with The Queen Mary Dark Harbor experience. This year you can make your way through six haunted mazes aboard the ship, enjoy mosterous shows, and if you dare spend the night you have the option of paying for a room aboard the ship. That is, if you think you can sleep through the screams!
4. Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare http://www.greatamericannightmare.com/: If you like haunted houses and rock n roll then this is the perfect event for you. Every weekend from October 10th through November 2nd, Rob Zombie has put together three haunted mazes based on his movies Lords of Salem, El Superbeasto, and House of 1,000 Corpses. In addition to the mazes, every night there will be different rock bands taking the stage and jamming out. Head over to the website and look at the calendar to see who is performing.
5. Purge: Fear the Night from Blumhouse Productions http://www.blumhouse.com/: “This Halloween, Blumhouse Productions – the company behind such terrifying films as the Paranormal Activity franchises, Sinister and Insidious – invites you to take part in a horror-theater experience unlike any you’ve ever seen. It’s a full evening of shocking exploration that plunges you into the terrifying world envisioned in The Purge, where for one horrific night each year, all crime is legal. Directed by the team that conceived the phenomenally successful Blackout haunted house, THE PURGE: FEAR THE NIGHT goes way beyond theater, movies or even haunted houses. As a “delegate” to the New Founding Fathers Convention, which takes place every Purge Night, politicians, patriots, dissidents and traitors will directly engage you. You will be encouraged to interact with the surroundings and uncover the carefully guarded secrets of Purge Night … and discover that every action you take can have disturbing consequences. Within the New Founding Fathers headquarters, no one is innocent – not even you.”–blumhouse.com
6. Delusions: The Blood Rite by Haunted Play http://www.hauntedplay.com/: “Imagine being a character in a horror/suspense film…connecting with actors in a way never experienced. You move through a dark, new world, immersed in a most unique theatrical experience. Your experience will be dictated by how deep you let yourself go. Lines between space, performer and audience shift. The action happens within the world you explore. You must participate to fully realize your journey into darkness. You will be asked to perform certain safe actions to move the twisted tale forward. Come to the refuge, and play your part.”–hauntedplay.com
Other notable attractions worth mentioning are The Old Town Haunt, LA Haunted Hayride, Paranoia Haunted Attraction, and if you’re up in the Central Coast area Midstate Scare in Arroyo Grande is one I have to give a tip of the hat to. I worked the Midstate Scare a couple of years and know the people behind the scenes there and they are a great bunch. They have put together a great haunted house the last several years and from what I’ve seen this year looks to be the best one yet!

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