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Hasbro Acquires Power Rangers Brand, Revival Incoming?

Power Rangers has been a main staple for Saban since the 90’s, taking a show about mighty morphing teens and pushing it to legendary pop culture status. Sadly, all shows much go on and it looks as though Power Rangers will be going on with Hasbro. Hasbro has had a hand in bringing plenty of pop culture series’ from the 80’s back such as Transformers, Battleship, My Little Pony, and Ouija so having the opportunity to breathe new life into the Rangers seems like second nature to them. Deadline goes further into the deal explaining that the entire purchase was made along with a few other brands such as Popples, My Pet Monster, Julius Jr, Treehouse Detective, and Luna Petunia for around $522 million.

So what does that mean for Power Rangers?

Hasbro is tremendously skilled with creating a film based on something as popular as Transformers or even something as obscure as a simple board game and turning it into a larger than life blockbuster film. Power Rangers is an extremely recognizable brand so it’s understandable that Saban tried to capitalize on the resurging hype with the 2017 Power Rangers film. The film screeched by with a $142 million box office draw against a $100 million budget but was not safe from reviews, scoring a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes with many passing it by as another teen hero film lacking the heart that made the series iconic.

Perhaps in the hands of a company that has plenty of experience creating larger than life films from very small thoughts is where these larger than life heroes can truly live and it wouldn’t be just films either. Hasbro already plans to roll out more Power Rangers toys in 2019, maybe with this acquisition there may be more on the horizon.