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Harrow County is an all-new series which comes from writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and artist Tyler Cook (Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland). It’s a story about witchery and the unknown.

Emmy is about to turn eighteen and starts to wonder about the rest of the world and what it’s like. She would like to go out just as any eighteen year old girl would but her father is a bit reluctant about letting her go out and about, especially into the woods which surrounds their house. Well, Emmy decides to go out and explore a bit but her curiosity leads to harsh images and only leaves us asking, what’s going on.

The issue is about 70 percent narration and 30 percent dialogue which is fine because it still means that a story is being told and the story that is being told is an interesting one. I love how the book started off, with this scene below which got my attention right from the first page.



Some of scenes are disturbing but the art is beautiful. It’s along the likes of Dark Horse’s other supernatural/horror series Colder, so fans of the Colder series will probably enjoy this as well. I for one am curious about the rest of the series so I will definitely be reading the next issue.



Harrow County #1 will be available May 13.