Conner cover

Harley Quinn Gets Her Ongoing Artist

This December Harley Quinn #1 will be drawn by…

Over the weekend DC Comics announced on their blog that the new Harley Quinn series, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, will be drawn by Chad Hardin. If you want to get a preview of what Hardin’s work will look like check out Justice League of America #7.3 featuring Shadow Thief.

The series hasn’t even seen the release of its highly anticipated zero issue but it’s already been hyped by the controversy of a scene DC invited every aspiring artist to draw for the book, where the best one would be printed in Harley Quinn #0 in November. Even though technology is connecting us more, opportunities for artist to knowingly have their work seen by editors is shrinking, DC’s contest is giving fans with comic book dreams a golden opportunity. The zero issue of Harley Quinn will also ¬†feature an all star line up of artist with names like like Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke to name a few.

Harley Quinn #1 will land in a month later in December and feature a cover drawn by Amanda Conner that you can preview below along with Chad Hardin’s character studies.