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Hands-On with Far Cry 5’s INSANE Arcade Mode

Even though Far Cry 5 has a lengthy single-player, there is far more to do beyond that in the Arcade Mode. Creative Director Dan Hay wanted to greater emphasize the presence of Arcade Mode in this latest installment, as it has been in previous installments in the form of a map editor. Now Far Cry 5 includes said map editor, but with a bigger twist.

Users are able to create maps they can tackle competitively, cooperatively, or even by themselves. In the game’s latest demo, the developers offered three different examples of user-generated content, the first one being one being a single-player horror called Upside Down. It was a map filled with creepy twists, turns, and goats. What had me curious was the process in creating such a level and how could someone who isn’t a professional game designer be able to create one like this. We unfortunately did not get a chance to create our own levels, but playing them was a blast.

The next single-player challenge was a test of speed and accuracy, set in a lot where the goal was to assassinate a target (with resistance, of course) and make a clean getaway. Even though I got lost a couple of times in the maze, it was a fun and quick challenge. Obviously it was just one of the many ways someone could make their own custom experiences. They are ludicrous by nature and don’t operate on the slightest bit of logic.

Take for example the Deathmatch that pitted my team of four against another team of four. All of our avatars were dressed in modern casual wear equipped with WWII-era weapons on a small and tropical island in the middle of the ocean. The deathmatch itself was about as basic as you can imagine, but it was the custom weapons and levels that made it interesting. The level editor will include over 9,000 objects from other Ubisoft titles like Far Cry 5, 4, and Primal along with Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed.

Honestly, I’ve never touched the level editors in previous Far Cry games, but the one in 5 might just convince me to finally dive in. It’ll be interesting to see how long the Arcade Community will hold my interest. Far Cry 5 launches on March 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.