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Wow. Never did I ever think I would be impressed by Pac-Man again. How much more can you improve on a game that’s almost 40 years old? Well Bandai Namco found a way.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in September 2016, but the Plus edition will be exclusive to the Switch and will feature a new co-op mode. This was the mode being demonstrated at the event, so my resident writer Alan and I grabbed a Joy-Con and began what was one of the most memorable co-op experiences of our friendship.

Playing as separate Pac-Mans (or Pac-Men), we went around the stage making sure not to get caught by the ghosts and eating Pac-Dots. When all the dots are eaten, a fruit appeared in both of our mouths for us to squish together initiating the next phase. There were more dots, more ghosts, and a faster speed. We would have to repeat these actions with each phase getting faster and faster and FASTER! A power up gave us the ability to eat the blue ghosts, but this time we had to line them up like lambs to the slaughter and chomped them up from both sides! The grins on our faces grew wider the more we progressed, and then we reached the final boss.

Each ghost turned into a giant, 3D-pixellated monstrosity that only Pac-Men could stop. However, we couldn’t attack it without eating all the dots in the boss arena. When we did, we jumped at the ghost until we made it explode into a heap of literal dead pixels! More of these 3D ghosts would arrive until the time ran out.

Did a Pac-Man game just pique my interest? You bet it did! To be honest, I don’t see myself playing this game alone that much, but with a friend in tabletop mode or on the TV. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus comes out for the Nintendo Switch on February 22, and now I have a new game to add on my wishlist!