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Halo Infinite Development Update – Halo Reach Level of Customization And More

Halo Infinite will be the Sixth entry in the Halo Franchise. Developers 343 have been very tight lipped about their most recent game, Halo Infinite. Outside of the E3 2018 Trailer, we have heard next to nothing. That is until this Wednesday, where a few developers over at Master Chiefs playground did a Q&A/Halo 5 livestream on mixer.

A lot of things were asked about the new Halo Infinite, and the developers gladly answered with quite a lot of info here are some of the big highlights.

– Halo Reach levels of customization for multiplayer (individual armor mods)

– 4 Player Split-screen is coming back!

– The New Slipspace Engine is not entirely new, like we previously thought, It takes a lot of parts from previous Halo engines as well.

– Special rewards will be given to players who played lots of Halo 5 (reaching at least level 152)

For the whole conversation and livestream, watch it here.

We cant wait to get more info on Halo Infinite, as it looks to be a true love letter to all of the good in the Halo series up until this point.