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Half-Life’s Black Mesa Mod Debuts This Month

The forty member Black Mesa development team has been working on the modifications for Valve’s Half-Life game for eight years.  Graphics, experimental weaponry, sound, game play, physics, and much, much more were painstakingly worked on by this large group of computer software enthusiasts. News about the long-awaited update broke over the weekend when a countdown timer appeared on the Black Mesa project webpage. Black Mesa is gathering fans and chatter by the minute as news has spread on the Internet, through magazine articles, and television programs.

Here is the description about Black Mesa, which is available at steamcommunity.com:

We are releasing Black Mesa to the world for FREE on September 14th! Give us a THUMBS UP to help our game get on Steam! When we are on Steam we’ll be able to reach more players and make installation and future updates easy for everyone!

Prepare for an experience that you will find Nostalgic, exciting and fresh. Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software’s seminal game Half-Life. You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Expect tremendously detailed environments to explore, a huge cast of characters and experimental weaponry. All-new music, voice acting, choreography, and added dialogue give way to a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before. In a nutshell, play Half-life the way we think it was meant to be played!

Play for FREE! You need not purchase anything!
8-10 Hours of single-player game play, up to the Lambda Core chapter.
Feast your eyes on over 2,000 custom Models and 5,000 custom textures – more than HL2!
Experience over 2,000 choreographed scenes and over 6,500 lines of dialogue from all new voice acting!
Immerse yourself in an all new soundtrack and over 2,300 custom sound effects!
Feel the impact of custom systems such as the Face Creation System, Custom Gib System, Deathcam and more.

Future Plans:
(w/ Steam) Stat tracking along with Steam Achievements
(w/ Steam) Updates to address community feedback
Future additions of Xen and BMDM! (Black Mesa Death Match)

Vote for it on steam greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94128543

Follow us!

Additional information and background history:

First person shooter Half-Life was released in 1998 and gave players the task of guiding government scientist Gordon Freeman through the Black Mesa research complex battling aliens and thwarting their attempt to invade Earth. The game has been hugely influential since its release.

Half-Life creator Valve released an updated version of the game in 2004 that was built around its Source game code or engine. That official update of Half-Life was generally regarded as unsatisfactory and led to the Black Mesa project which aimed to do a better job.

The Black Mesa team has also edited the storyline to beef up the more engaging parts of the game and eliminate the slower portions.

Be there on the 14th!

Source: steamcommunity.com, bbc.com, Mark Abent Jr.