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Guess Which Marvel Character Vin Diesel Might Portray?


Action star and actor Vin Diesel has been keeping a busy schedule. His latest film “Fast & Furious 6” was released last month and has performed extremely well at the box office. His third Chronicles of Riddick installment “Riddick” arrives in theaters on September 6th. Now Diesel has shared some new information with his fans on Facebook concerning a meeting with Marvel Studios.

“P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”

With Marvel currently in production on most of its Phase Two films, it’s hard to guess which character they want Diesel to play. “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Avengers 2,” “Ant-Man,” “Black Panther,” “Doctor Strange,” “Black Widow & Hawkeye,” “Daredevil,” “Deadpool,” “The Fantastic Four: Reborn,” “Iron Fist,” “The Inhumans,” and “Venom” are all still in development. Some are farther along than others. From this eclectic list, two candidates emerge.

Black Panther

Black Panther – The Black Panther is the ceremonial title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation of Wakanda. In addition to ruling the country, he is also chief of its various tribes (collectively referred to as the Wakandas). The Panther habit is a symbol of office (head of state) and is used even during diplomatic missions. The Panther is a hereditary title, but one still must earn it. T’Challa is the ruler and focal character who wears the Black Panther costume. The role calls for stealth, agility, cunning and physical prowess, all attributes Vin Diesel could easily handle.


Venom or the Venom Symbiote, is a fictional extraterrestrial life form appearing in comic books, usually those featuring Spider-Man. The creature is a Symbiote, a sentient alien, with a gooey, almost liquid-like form that requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival, like with real world symbiotes. However, the Venom Symbiote also endows its host with enhanced powers. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form refers to itself as Venom. The villain Venom was played by actor Topher Grace and featured in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3.” Producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad have mentioned that the Venom movie would not take place in the same universe as “Spider-Man 3.” The door would certainly be open for Diesel to play the towering and threateningly powerful figure of Venom as well as a reinvented and psychologically unbalanced Eddie Brock.

Do you think Vin Diesel will join the ranks playing an iconic Marvel character? If so, which one?

“Riddick” will arrive in theaters on September 6th. The film stars Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Nolan Gerard Funk, Dave Bautista, Noah Danby, Jordi Mollà, Bokeem Woodbine, Antoinette Kalaj, Raoul Trujillo, Lani Minella, Keri Hilson, Neil Napier, Matt Nable, and Conrad Pla. Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell wrote the screenplay, from a story by David Twohy based on characters created by Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat. David Twohy directs.

Diesel will reprise his role as Dominic Torreto in “Fast & Furious 7,” which is scheduled for a July 11, 2014 release.

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