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GuardiansOfTheGalaxy3DComboPackThe hit movie of the year “Guardians of the Galaxy,” will be the biggest blu-ray hit of the year come Dec. 9.

What more can be said about this amazingly awesome movie? I loved it the first time and I love it even more the second time around. The sound quality of the film is great and the visuals are amazing. GOTG Still_3

When it comes to bonus features, both Disney and Marvel always deliver. Put the two together and what do you get? Over 40 minutes of extras that are all great.

If you are like me and was wondering what exactly went into the all dynamic scenes and especially the cgi, well you’ll have everything answered with all of the featurettes available on this blu-ray. The cast and crew take you through all of your favorite scenes and let you know how it was all done.

GOTG Still_2

One of the featurettes takes you through the Collector’s lair and you get to see all of the Marvel Easter eggs that director James Gunn threw into that room. There may be one that you missed the first time around, so this is definitely for all of the fans that love looking for Marvel Easter eggs in the Marvel films.

Along with the featurettes, you get a few deleted scenes, an exclusive look at “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron,” a gag reel, as well as audio commentary of the film. Even the menu screen and transition screens of the featurettes are awesome. You get to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” as if it were an 8-bit video game. 8-bit music to go along with it.

GOTG Still_6

Forget this blu-ray being for just Marvel fans, it’s a must own blu-ray for everyone! It’s by far one of my favorite blu-rays of all time. In the galaxy and any other. Get in your Milano Dec. 9 to go get it!