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GREEN ACRES is Heading to the Big Screen and Broadway

Green Acres1

Right now, Green Acres is certainly the place to be! The popular ’60’s sitcom which starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor is being made into a theatrical film and a stage play is being shopped around for a potential Broadway debut. Producer Phillip Goldfine’s production company Hollywood Media Bridge and original “Green Acres” series director Richard L. Bare have acquired the rights to the property. The filmmakers are looking for a writer and director for the film adaptation. Goldfine won an Academy Award for his documentary short subject, “The Lady In No. 6.” 

“Green Acres” arrived on prime time television in 1965 and ended its’ six season run in 1971 after airing 170 episodes. The show revolved around Oliver and Lisa Douglas (Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.) The couple move to the rural town of Hooterville so Oliver can live his dream of owning a farm, while his Hungarian born Park Avenue wife Lisa adjusts to country life. The pair’s lives are inundated with visits from the bizarre and zany locals who add a slapstick and surreal tone to the comedy series. 

A television reunion movie “Return to Green Acres” aired in 1990. 

Green Acres2

The project comes on the heels of other television shows which found their way onto the silver screen such as “Star Trek,” “The Fugitive,” “Get Smart,” “Bewitched,” “Lost in Space,” “Flipper,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “My Favorite Martian,” “Flipper,” “The Flintstones” and “Batman.” 

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