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How does anyone sleep in Los Santos with all this action going on.


In the age where hype doesn’t always live up, gamers can rest assure Grand Theft Auto V lives up to everything developer Rockstar promised. How can we know for sure GTA V is the epic we were all promised? Well mid game you’ll hijack a plane, fight the crew, crash it into another plane, and have to parachute out to escape death from military fighter jets. Don’t worry that’s not a spoiler in any way

What’s different about this GTA from the rest. While previous games have dropped you in a massive world to mechanically trek through, the Los Santos of this game feels like a world that comes alive around you. It feels like a world where literally anything can happen. The freedom of the game lets players explore GTA V’s dark gripping story. This is an over the top tale of three extraordinarily messed up people. Franklin is your young gang member stereotype from Los Santos who’s just looking to step into the world of big scores. Michael is a retired con man who’s motivated by greed and just getting away from a family and a therapist who merely tolerate him. Finally there’s Trevor, a career criminal fueled by a troubled childhood and a serious meth addiction. The trio each have a balance between their own stand out missions and and overarching plot that involves all three. Each even has a unique ability; Franklin can slow time while driving and Trevor is nearly indestructible on a meth rampage.

Every element of the gameplay feels completely revamped. Auto aim is less clunky and sticky to your controls. The duck and cover feature finally feels like it’s actually effective, instead of the previous game where you’d just say screw it and try to blast your way out of every situation. Even the driving mechanics feel natural compared to GTA IV where it felt like you were driving a car that had a steering wheel made out of jello.

Fair warning for those who are oppose to gratuitous violence, in GTA V you’ll be nauseated to your core. There’s so much here that pushes the envelope further than “Hot Coffee” or Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian” ever did. One such moment involves the player having to participate in a torture session that’s just as brutal as a Kratos fight in God of War. Be warned there’s no option to skip things like that in this game, so parents beware and read the box before you even listen to your kid’s nagging.

Despite the gritty and twisted nature of some moments in the game, Grand Theft Auto V lands its intentions on every level. Rockstar set to create a massive living world players could take adventures tailored to their nature in. They did that and so much more. No other world in games comes close to the scope and magnitude of this Los Santos. Combine that with a compelling story that unfolds without ever getting in the way of your own self guided adventures in the game and you get not only one of the best games of this generation but in video games ever.

10-out of 10! Perfect. Future gaming generations just got their bar raised.