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GOTHAM Showrunner Explains Last Night’s Major Twist

Gotham last night gave us all a shock when something big happened towards the end of the episode, (Warning Spoilers Ahead). Jerome as we all know was being pushed to us as this show’s joker, and he lived up to the reputation by his presence alone, he acted like the joker, the way he talked, the way he moved, his expressions, so he’s our guy right? Apparently not according to last night’s episode when he died. Why kill of the character we all assumed was the joker? In a recent interview with a Deadline, Showrunner Bruno Heller explains the major twist and what that means for the character down the line. “”It’s a twist that leads to more twists, the creation of the Joker is a larger and more epic story than people realize, and this show is very much about kind of the deep, secret history. So, as the show rolls on, people will see how a mythology is born, how a kind of cultural mien is created that will lead us to the Joker himself.”

Heller has confirmed that no one has been casted for the joker as of now but I’d’ve if he is, it won’t be the joker we know from the comics, at least not yet.

“Sometimes backstories are more complicated and interesting than, you know, falling into vat of toxic chemicals or being bitten by a spider. Like they say, nobody creates themselves out of whole cloth, whether it’s Elvis Presley, or you name it — Jesus. There’s a tradition in forebears and ancestors of those characters that went into creating them. So, to me, Jerome is genuinely the mother and father of the Joker. He is the seed of the Joker. You’ll see how Gotham itself coalesces around the legend of Jerome. I don’t want to give away too much, but the audience will see an organic progression towards the real history of the Joker, rather than a kind of legendary supervillain who creates himself out of nothing.”