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21204Eric Powell delivers yet again, as he takes us on another great tale with “The Goon: Occasion of Revenge Part 3.”

In “The Goon: Occasion of Revenger Part 3,” the Goon is ready to go to war against the witch clan as he takes Kid Gargantuan under his wing and puts him straight to work to take care of some business. Meanwhile, Kid Gargantuan has some of his own unfinished business to take care of.

The story is a great one as you would expect from Eric Powell. It begins with a love affair gone wrong, as Senator Slocomb abandons his mistress and lovechild or I should say “lustchild,” in order to keep his legacy intact. From there, we see the child grow up with is mother as she puts nothing but ill words about the kid’s absent father, into the kid’s head. The kid grows up to be Kid Gargantuan and the Goon takes him in. Kid Gargantuan does everything the Goon says out of gratefulness and respect, though he still has those words about his father lingering around inside his head.

It really blows my mind how this book comes from the mind of just one person. From the continually unique stories, to the beautiful noire-esque art style, Eric Powell is truly what the comic book world needs as he shows that the possibilities are endless when it comes to comics.