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Good Smile Company showcases some amazing figures at Anime Expo including upcoming Persona 5 releases

One booth I really enjoy checking out at Anime Expo is Good Smile Company. For the last few years, I’ve really been going in hard on collecting Nendoroids and Figmas with the occasional statue if it really catches my attention.

Not only did I manage to purchase a few of this year’s exclusive releases (review of them to come after San Diego Comic-Con) but attendees where able to see many of the upcoming releases from various series.

Persona 5 – 

While Persona 5 was released last year, the popularity of the series has dwindled which is thanks to the upcoming release of Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and the currently airing Persona 5 The Animation which you can currently watch on Crunchyroll.com.

At Anime Expo, Good Smile displayed a few of the upcoming releases for Persona 5 including a prototype of a Joker nendoroid along with a Fox/Yusuke Figma.

One of the more interesting announcements is that a Johanna figure is being developed by Sentinel that will transform between her Persona mode and bike transformation.

Also shown were various releases for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Harry Potter, Splatoon, Mega Man X and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

I weep for my poor wallet since I’m definitely going to buy nearly all of these figures.