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Good Smile Company reveals Mega Man 11 Roll Nendoroid coming in Summer

Capcom had some big news for Mega Man fans back in December which included the announcement of a Mega Man X Collection, Mega Man Anniversary Collection heading to the Switch and more importantly the announcement of Mega Man 11 set to release sometime later this year.

That wasn’t the only Mega Man news we knew about as back in September, Good smile Company revealed concept art for a Roll Nendoroid and we finally get a look at the final product.

This version of Roll is based on her new look in the upcoming Mega Man 11 and includes various accessories including an E-Tank, a broom and a very cute and tiny version of Rush!

Set for a release in September, this is definitely a nice addition to the Mega Man Nendoroid line which has already released a classic Mega Man (along with a Special Edition Metal edition), a Mega Man.EXE and Full Armored Mega Man X. A Zero Nendoroid is also set to release in August.

Roll is currently available for pre-order on the Good Smile Website.