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God’s Trigger Looks Brutally Stylish In New Trailer

A new trailer for God’s Trigger, a fast paced top down shooter from developers Techland, has been released showing off some crazy gameplay.

The trailer stars the two main characters, Harry and Judy, as they try and stop the end of the world with their many powers including ones like Dark Vortex and Invisibility.

The press release for God’s Trigger reads:

In Harry and Judy working together the true artistry of carnage is revealed; players can annihilate foes with a huge number of devilishly creative combos, such as setting up a Wall of Fire that will imbue passing bullets with the energy of hell and have them explode on impact, or creating a Dark Vortex to suck enemies together and ripen them for melee brutality. Player death will be simply a passing inconvenience in the cycle of creative destruction.

In the world of God’s Trigger, survival depends on the ability to make split-second decisions, and massacre enemies with a variety of guns, melee weapons, special abilities and environmental traps throughout visually spectacular bloodbaths. Prepare for unforgivingly intense, brutal action where just one pull of the trigger is enough to kill the enemy—or you.

Get ready to save the world as God’s Trigger releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on April 18th, 2019.