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The next installment of God of War will be quite different compared to Kratos’s previous adventures, focusing more on storytelling and the relationship between him and his son. It will also have a controllable camera and no jump button. Crazy, right?!

Fans looking forward to Kratos’s next adventure will fortunately not have to wait much longer, since a new story trailer revealed the release date to be April 20, 2018. The trailer- which you can watch below- makes nods to previous God of War games, but anyone looking to make this their first game in the series won’t necessarily need to rush through them as this is a soft reboot. Kratos has left Greece and made his way to the realm of the Norse mythology, including but not limited to gods like Loki, Thor, and Odin.

We have yet to see these infamous gods in trailers, but something tells us we’ll see them and many more lesser-known ones come April 20th on the PS4 and PS4 Pro!