Ghost Shell

Rupert Sanders (“Snow White and the Huntsman”) will direct the live-action film version of “Ghost in the Shell,” a popular Japanese futuristic manga for DreamWorks. The property has been languishing in development for years and recently generated interest due to filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s personal passion for the project. Avi Arad and son Ari Arad along with Steven Paul will co-produce the picture, which is scheduled to be filmed in 3D.


“Ghost in the Shell” is a Japanese media franchise published as a seinen manga series written and illustrated by Masasume Shirow. First published in 1989, the series takes place in mid-21st century Japan and tells the story of a fictional counter-cyberterrorist organization known as Public Security Section 9, which specializes in combating technology-related crime. The squad is led by the intelligent and talented cyborg protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi.

Will the live-action film live up to the original manga storyline?

“Ghost in the Shell” is still in development. William Wheeler (“The Reluctant Fundamentalist”) is writing the script, while Rupert Sanders directs.

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