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Geoff Johns Leaves Aquaman

aquamanJohns comes out of the water.

Earlier today IGN broke the news that DC comics lead architect Geoff Johns would be ending his critically acclaimed Aquaman run with issue 25 in November. DC wasted little time in announcing his successor on the book would be none other than Batman 66′ writer Jeff Parker. He’ll take over on December’s issue 26 with the current art team of Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons.

Here’s the solicitation for that book:

Written by JEFF PARKER
1:25 Variant cover by PAUL PELLETIER and SEAN PARSONS
On sale DECEMBER 31 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
“Sea of Storms” begins with the debut of new AQUAMAN writer Jeff Parker! The Earth’s crust is grinding to life, releasing deadly volcanoes and bizarre creatures…so humanity’s first instinct is to blame Atlantis! And as the plates pull apart, the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera as well!

John’s departure might come as a surprise to many but when you look at his plate of multiple DC titles, coordinating massive events like Forever Evil, and working on character adaptations in various media; it’s a given that he’ll have to drop a book now and then. But when you look deeper into his resume, fans will notice that he’s never dropped a project for the sake of time. His short runs (in comparison to his GL run) on Aquaman, Flash, Teen Titans, and Justice League of America have always led to something just over the horizon. While we don’t know what that will be just yet, it could also have ties to creative team shake ups both announced and yet to be announced. Could Johns be picking up a book instead of launching a new one? It’ doubtful simply for the fact that Geoff Johns launching a book spells bigger numbers for DC’s sales with a chance for the right creator afterward to keep readers interested; it’s like lighting a charcoal BBQ and hoping it stays hot after that initial blaze

Of all the creative teams left intact from the 2011 launch of the New 52 only Palmiotti/Gray/Moritat, Snyder/Capullo, Azzarello/Chang remain.  I’m going to predict that the next creator to leave one of those books will be Azzarello leaving Wonder Woman, either to work on another DC book or go into creator owned work. With his story arc almost wrapped up it seems like a natural time for him to exit the book, at least by issue 30.

We’ll obviously know more once the full solicits are announced but what we won’t know is what new projects DC will put exiting creators on.


Personally I hope Johns finally makes time for Michael Turner’s final creation EKOS.