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Geeks! The Musical! Interview with Cast & Crew

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Just last week the ‘You Know Whaaa!’ crew was invited to see Geeks! The Musical! And as the Ninth Doctor would say it was absolutely…FANTASTIC! The one liners, the zingers, and the inside jokes that only true geeks and nerds would get had me in stitches throughout the show. The cast were just amazing and the characters they portrayed were oddly familiar to some of my own friends and people I know. Such as the uber fanboy Jordan (Jonathan Brett), sweet nerd gal Kerry (Redetha Deason), best buddy Chip who’s obsessed with Doctor Who (Tyler Koster), the nerd that pretty much hates everything Emerson (Wil Bowers), the peppy and overly dramatic  goth girl Audrina (Juliette Angeli), the brooding artist Trey (Brandon Murphy), and world weary actor Mel Tyler (Richard Lewis Warren). The performance by the geek chorus were also totally top notch.

Thomas J. Misuraca truly did a wonderful job here in penning Geeks! The Musical! And you can tell that he too is a true fanboy with the love and care that he put into this musical. Sadly this is the last week that the musical will be playing at its current theater but with enough of a demand hopefully they’ll be able to extend the run. Also check out our video below as we get some words from the audience, the cast, and the crew.