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Gearbox Teases Huge Borderlands Announcement With Video

It seems that Borderlands fans may not have to wait any longer as Gearbox has been cooking up plans for PAX East pm March 28th for the entire month. Not only have they promised multiple reveals but they have also promised a few surprises when it comes to the Borderlands franchise.

Today, Gearbox showed off a teaser trailer with the title “Mayhem is Coming”.

Many cyber sleuths were quick to investigate this large puzzle of a trailer to find that each branch of lore is present in this trailer. Even Rhys and Vaughn from Telltales Tales From The Borderlands is present while it seems that Tiny Tina is not so tiny anymore with her high fiving Brick and Mordecai. We also see some staples of the franchise including several psychos in a church with Handsome Jacks mask on the outside of it.

There is definitely a lot to take in when watching so hardcore fans will have fun investigating it until the big announcement on Thursday, March 28th at 11am pst.