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Garrett Hedlund Returns for “Tron 3”


Walt Disney Pictures’ “Tron: Legacy,” which debuted in 2010 was a worldwide box office hit, and re-imagined a world, which had been established in the original 1982 “Tron” feature. Legions of fans enjoyed the film so much that Disney is taking the next step to continue the saga. Actor Garrett Hedlund has officially signed on to return in his role as Sam Flynn the rebellious son of virtual world designer Kevin Flynn. This is what Hedlund had to say while on a promotional junket for the U.S. release of “On the Road.”

“Yeah, are we gonna break this now? Disney’s very excited,” he said of the project. “That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

Deciphering this may be challenging, but the gist of this comment boils down to Hedlund returning for the next Tron film. Oh yes, Disney is very excited!

There is potential for Disney to earn some serious money.  “Tron: Legacy” had an estimated budget of $170 million.  It went on to gross $172 million domestically, and over $400 million worldwide.

The unofficially titled “Tron 3” is expected to begin production sometime in 2014.  The film will star Garrett Hedlund.  Jesse Wigutow (“Eragon”) will do a rewrite of the script, which was originally penned by David DiGilio (“Eight Below.”)  Joseph Kosinski will return to direct.

Source: nextmovie, IMDb