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Gang Beasts Review (PS4)

It was a long time coming and all of the waiting had finally paid off when Gang Beasts from Boneloaf and Double Fine finally hit the Playstation Store. Previously released on Steam in 2014, Gang Beasts was met with positive feedback, universally praised for its addictive and fun party styled gameplay. Traces of how long it took to port the game from PC to PS4 date all the way back to Playstation Experience 2014┬áto when it was first announced. During the years, the status of the beloved brawler vanished, until late 2017 that is. In November 2017, it was announced that Gang Beasts was slated for a December 12th release date. So the question remains, “is it worth an invite to your party?”.

The answer is a resounding “yes”.

The game itself has a lot going for it but teeters on a fun system with bare bones UI, bugs, glitches, and design. The presentation, when first seeing the menu screen for the first time, is a bit disappointing. It makes you scratching your head wondering why it took 3 years to prepare it for a Playstation release. The UI is nearly non- existent with the most basic layouts for options, matchmaking, and other modes. The characters themselves are fun and enjoyable to mix and match from. Countless hours were spent trying on every color to every costume to find the best aesthetic that matched each of our personalities. Each levels layout was nicely made and easy to understand which made it all the more satisfying to watch as my friends fell through an area or unable to jump a gap.

The gameplay for Gang Beasts is the crowning jewel of this title. Gang Beasts is the chaotic evil of party games. The characters each have ragdoll physics that completely give up if knocked out with plenty of stage hazards that will give you a swift exit if knocked out in the wrong place. There are a few extra modes that come with the PS4 version that extend the gameplay but nothing I would switch from simple battle royal mode to. Every single cheap knock out or fast death had our party laughing hysterically and the hazards in a few levels had us breathless from laughing so hard. The ways in which you can die in this game is phenomenal and unable to be replicated. That kind of dumb fun can’t be cloned.

Gang Beasts is a fantastically priced game that will guarantee to entertain anyone. The UI and technical aspects are miles away from where they should be in this day and age of software but the game makes up for it with its hours and hours of its goofy dumb fun that will make anyone reminisce to the days of staying up late with friends on a single screen.

Nuke The Fridge Score: 7/10

Gang Beasts is currently on the Playstation Store for $19.99.