It’s with much sorrow to inform you that John Peter Bain, the popular Youtuber that is best known as TotalBiscuit, has passed away from cancer. Bain, born July 8, 1984 was wildly respected by many and followed by more for his videos whether it was for Starcraft, his “WTF. . .” series or his weekly podcast titled “The Co-Optional Podast” that receives an average of 150 thousand viewers. He was regarded as a pioneer for gaming personalities and paved the way for many who follow. The news was broken this afternoon through his twitter page. Bain has been battling cancer since 2014 and has stated back in December that chemo therapy does not work for his case anymore.

Personally it’s a large loss for myself being a large fan of his. When striving to be better at something and trying to build towards a goal you look at those who have come before you and TotalBiscuit was one of those individuals who was very influential just by how versatile he was with the unique video content he was putting out. Whether it was running a podcast, making in depth analysis videos, or just being personality that would tell the truth no matter how harsh it was, whether you liked it or not, the gaming community as a whole has just been dealt a very sad blow. We here at Nuke The Fridge would like to extend our deep thoughts and prayers to his family.

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