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Gamestop Is Raising Pro Membership Prices While Replacing Perks

Gamestop, who has been on a decline for quite some time, seems to be trying a new route when it comes to its loyalty program. Currently in beta, the new version of the Power Up Rewards program promises to offer new perks while a previous perk has been taken out entirely but at the cost of a $5 price increase.

Currently $14.99 the newer membership will cost $19.99 per year and will offer a monthly $5 reward certificate that can be used towards games, accessories, and collectibles. Down side to the new perk is the inability to stack monthly certificates which means you must purchase a game every month to take full advantage of the offer. This comes as a weird move as Gamestop has seemingly dropped the 10% off pre-owned games perks that has been a key perk for the membership program for years.

According to many analytics, Gamestop is not looking too well these days as stock continues to plummet with a current drop of 6.39%(as of writing). This move can possibly be beneficial for the beloved retailer as changing perks can possibly boost sales and reduce discounts which have been running at a loss for the company for years.

Only time will tell if Gamestop can adapt to the new age of digital games and consumerism.

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