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Game & Talk Ep 61: Interview with Gareth Coker, Composer for ARK and Ori

The Game & Talk Podcast is back this week with an in-depth discussion on cardboard. That’s right, cardboard. Will Nintendo Labo convince us 20 and 30-somethings to spend $80 on a cardboard backpack that gives us robot powers? The answer is always yes.

It was a rather slow news week when we recorded this episode, which is perfect because we have an exclusive interview with games composer Gareth Coker, known for his work on Minecraft, Ori and the Blind Forest (and Will of the Wisps coming soon) and most recently ARK: Survival Evolved!

You can skip right to the interview at 28:50 if you so desire. You can also check out Gareth Coker’s work on his YouTube channel, where he has the soundtracks for ARK: Survival Evolved and other projects.

SoundCloud link for the podcast is below, and we’re also available on iTunes and Google Play.