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Game Review: Infinity Blade III By Trevor Roberts Jr

Infinity Blade III (IB3) is the third and final installment of the sword fighting game series from Epic Games.  It was highlighted at the Apple iPhone 5S news conference and for good reason: Infinity Blade 3 boasts impressive graphics via the Unreal 3 Engine.  The image quality is actually on par with current generation console video games.

The series focuses on a series of power struggles between humanoid immortals known as the Deathless and how that conflict affects the human race.  Siris is the lead character: a human who became a Deathless through the use of a Rebirth Chamber. His female companion, Isa also became a Deathless to aid in his crusade to quell the Deathless civil war and to liberate humanity. Both Siris and Isa fight against the main villain: the Worker of Secrets. Fringe fans will be pleased to know that John Noble lends his voice to the Worker character.

IB3 is a huge improvement over the previous games in the series in terms of storytelling, game design, and fight mechanics. Whereas IB2 just drops you into the middle of a conflict with a basic tutorial, IB3 has an introductory movie to show you what has transpired from before the original IB up until the start of IB3. The backstory cleared up a lot of questions that I had after finishing IB2.

Infinity Blade III still uses a combination of screen swipes and taps to control your weapon and blocking. However, the weapons control has been fine tuned, and you have to be more precise with the angles that you swipe at to successfully parry and attack.

IB3 also extends the use of the different weapons classes introduced by IB2 (Light, Heavy, and Dual) to the game’s enemies. For example, if you manage to break the enemy’s staff in the middle of combat, the enemy will change fighting style to Dual using the two pieces of the broken weapon. This changes the dynamic of the battle significantly and forces you to switch up your tactics.

The enemies use a variety of movement techniques from different martial arts (I noticed heavy use of Capoeira and Muay Thai). This prevents the gameplay from being repetitive, as you must compensate to each series of movements to succeed in battle. Other welcome changes include capabilities to synthesize your own health and status potions from ingredients found in the wild, and a gem forge to improve health, attack, defense, etc. Later on in the game, you also have the ability to upgrade weapons with a blacksmith. If you like a particular blade, there is no need to abandon it in favor of buying a stronger one; just earn enough money to upgrade it.

Infinity Blade III is a great game with a lot of lasting value as there are side quests to complete in addition to the main narrative. Unless you have an extended battery on your iPhone, though, you may want to stick to playing it on the iPad only. I recommend a strong buy rating as it’s the best game currently out for mobile devices.