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Galavant Season 2 Likely, Could Use Songs Cut From Season 1

Dan Fogelman was at the press junket for Danny Collins today, the directorial debut of the prolific screenwriter and producer. Since Danny Collins is a drama about a musician with fictional music, it was easy to transition talk into Galavant, the ABC musical comedy series Fogelman produces. Though nothing is official yet, Fogelman says it is likely we’ll see a season two of Galavant.

“I think so, yeah,” Fogelman said. “We don’t have official word yet but we’re hopeful. It looks good. They never tell you until May but all indications are pretty positive.”

Alan Menken and Glenn Slater write the music to Galavant. While speaking with the Television Critics Association in January, they revealed that they’d written some songs that got cut from the first season. Fogelman says it’s possible those songs may be revived in the show’s second season.

“We might revive a few,” Fogelman said. “Some songs didn’t work but some melodies did, so we might bring that back in a different form. We’re going to go really big in the second season.”

Galavant aired in four one hour blocks, essentially eight half-hour episodes. Fogelman thinks a second season is likely to use the same pattern, although again nothing is decided until May.

“It seems to work really well doing a small amount of contained episodes so we can execute [them],” Fogelman said. “It’s really hard to do and to do 22 would start diminishing it somehow. I like that it’s special and weird and different and it doesn’t air like a normal TV show.”

Even if they can resurrect some deleted songs, Menken and Slater will have to start writing some new music, as the screenwriters develop new stories simultaneously.

“I write a bible out for the season, which is a 30 page prose form document about what the show’s going to look like,” Fogelman said. “Then we start working with Alan and writing scripts as he’s planning songs because it all happens very quickly. It’s a crazy process.”

Fogelman’s movie, Danny Collins, is in theaters March 20.