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Friday the 13th Prequel Headed to Peacock!

Update! Variety has an update that clears up some of the rights issue: Miller and Toberoff, his attorney, were previously involved in a lengthy court case in an attempt to obtain the rights to the original film’s screenplay for Miller. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Miller’s favor in 2021, giving him the U.S. rights to the screenplay. Miller and Toberoff have non-exclusive foreign rights as well and by bringing in Barsamian, the project has access to all of the other elements from the films.

Original Post follows.

Producer Bryan Fuller will be working to bring Crystal Lake, a prequel to the Friday the 13th iconic horror series to the Peacock streamer….but there is a catch.   

There will be no Friday the 13th, no adult Jason and no hockey mask.

The trades explain the following:  “The IP….got tangled in complex rights deals as it moved from Paramount to New Line and became caught in a years-long copyright dispute between the original movie’s director-producer Sean S. Cunningham and original screenwriter Victor Miller.

In May, Miller emerged victorious, giving him control over the script and original characters but not over the Friday the 13th title nor the concept of an adult Jason or even the hockey mask, which was only introduced in the third movie.”

Seems like a total bore…plus if you look at Fuller’s track record of making woke shows, just look at Star Trek Discovery, this TV show is doomed before the series gets in front of cameras. Hard pass for me.