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Fox Considering Changing Dr. Doom’s Gender For FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

drdoomOkay, let me just get right into it & let’s hope it’s a rumor!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is considering a big name for the role of the villain Dr. Doom but get this, according to THR insiders, the studio “isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role.”

First we have a leaked casting call plot which has the original Fantastic Four origin thrown out the window by now having two friends by the name Reed Richards & Ben Grimm getting their powers by some sort of lab experiment. The two then become used as government weapons. Later on, they meet up with Sue Storm & Johnny Storm with speculation of an adoption story going on there since Michael B. Jordan has pretty much had the role since day one & now a possible gender switch for one of the most iconic comic book villains?!  With Fox not ruling out the gender swap, that doesn’t mean that the “swap” will actually happen.

Just for the sake of conversation, let’s say that all of these rumors were true, (the plot, the gender change, the cast) let me ask you a question. Why call it the Fantastic Four? Just going off of what we have been hearing, all that the characters have brought from the comics (besides their names) to this reboot film, are their powers. I know Fox is obviously using their rights for the Fantastic Four to make money. If they are marketing this film towards children & the younger crowd, then it could probably work since kids love watching superheroes & all the super powers that they have but if Fox wants to market this to the comic crowd, the movie will probably be a flop. My thought is that fans of the Fanstatic Four comics will not be interested in this reboot because it’s not the Fantastic Four that they all recognize.

The rumors of Saoirse Ronan & Elizabeth Olsen trying out for the role of Sue Storm have apparently been proved to be incorrect because of their schedules. Sources of THR say that actresses Kate Mara & Emmy Rossum have tested for the role of Sue aka Invisible Woman.

Also Christian Cooke is said to have tried out for the role of Ben Grimm aka Thing, & Miles Teller has been said to have tried out for the role of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic.

How do you feel about the possibility of a gender swap for Dr. Doom? Are we the only ones that feel that this movie is “doomed?”

Source: Variety