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Former Power Rangers Weigh in on the Rated-R POWER/RANGERS Fan Film

Earlier this week, a very R-rated Power Ranger short film was released by Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar. The film called Power/Rangers which featured Katee Sackhoff and James Van der Beek, included drugs and murder. Since the film debuted, former power rangers have weighed in on the film and discussed their thoughts.

Jason David Frank


Jason David Frank (JDF) who still plays Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger and White Ranger, gave his thoughts in a video he posted on Facebook.

In the video, JDF says “I know there’s a lot of fans out there that love it and all that stuff, but I’m just a PG-13 guy. The cuss words, the drugs, all this other stuff, it doesn’t fly with me.The problem is, they’re [the Power Rangers] still connected with adults and kids. The ‘Super Megaforce’ and ‘Power Ranges Dino Charge’ are still on Nickelodeon, and so you can’t take a brand like this and reboot it so dark and gritty. This still is a kids’ brand.”

JDF also mentioned in the video that he was approached by Kahn to appear in the fan made film. He turned the offer down for reasons such as it not being a “Saban approved” project and that he would rather be in the “real power ranger movie.”

Amy Jo Johnson


Amy Jo Johnson who played Kimberly/Pink Ranger in the original series (and was every boy’s first crush) also shared her thoughts in a post on Facebook saying “Okay… so you’ve ALL probably seen this already. BUT just wanted to share. Personally I think it’s kind of awesome. BUT don’t tell Saban that!! I might get sued. *wink and it’s clearly NOT for KIDS!”

Walter Emanuel Jones


Walter Jones who played Zack/Black Ranger, also posted his thought on social media saying “I wont be posting the video of the Power Rangers deboot video because I still have fans that are kids, I will say… I thought it was very well done and entertaining. I am looking foward to other interpretations of this amazing show. I am blessed to have had the pleasure of helping to create here in the states! Its Morphing Time!!”

Johnny Yong Bosch


Johnny Yong Bosch who played the second Black Ranger Adam, took to Twitter saying: “Loved your power ranger fan film @JosephKahn glad to see Adam was killed off. If there’s a sequel hit me up haha.”

Steve Cardenas


Steve Cardenas who played Rocky (the second Red Ranger) also took to Twitter: “James VanDerBeek as evil Rocky. LOL. I kinda liked it. Even tho we all I know I’d never betray my…”

Power Morphicon 3
Karan Ashley


Karen Ashley who played Aisha (the second Yellow Ranger) gave a very length response to the film.

People keep asking me my thoughts on the PR Fan film released today. I commented a few places but thought I would give my thoughts since that is the question of the day… I liked it. I hate Aisha was left out especially since Rocky and Adam were depicted. But I liked it a lot. I liked what they did with all the other characters especially Rocky and Zach. I enjoyed seeing something so different from what we all are expecting. Super dark and extremly gritty. Not saying that is right, thats just what I like… lol. When I think of PR, I think family film–Kids show. This was not for kids and I think some of the edgy stuff could have been skipped and this still would have been amazing. I didn’t really see it as a true depiction of what Saban/Lions Gate would do but if I took that out of the equation, I really liked it for what it was.
I loved the production quality and I am all about people being creative and doing what they visualize. I like seeing things flipped and I love being surprised. with that being said, I enjoyed it.Keep the fan films coming! I have watched almost all of them and have been very impressed with “Your” creativity.


What are your thoughts about the fan film?