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So evil, even Slayer would put boundaries on it.

Forever Evil (2013-) 002-000a

I haven’t been this excited for an event only two issues in since Civil War. There’s a genuine anything can happen feeling that events currently lack in their mixture. Secret Invasion, Trinity War, even AvX missed the mark in that regard. I’m happy to say it’s looking more and more like Forever Evil won’t be a victim of event fatigue.

Issue two is where Lex Luthor begins to take center stage. Geoff John’s offers a refreshing return to form that brings Luthor to the pinnacle of what the character should be; evil, calculating, and no matter what the master of his domain. It’s fun to see how evil he can be while still being juxtaposed as Earth’s only hope. Where the senior Kord was Luthor’s victim in the last issue, Forever Evil number two sees the short-lived new 52 debut of Otis from the Richard Donner films. In addition to that we get so much more insight into all of the Crime Syndicate through key interactions. More secrets are teased and the ┬áinner drama of the group builds nicely. Johns makes it very clear how dysfunctional this team is, and the thought that the Crime Syndicate/Secret Society showdown might not even be the endgame of Forever Evil is enticing enough to keep us drawn in till the end of the series.

David Finch gets the color treatment it deserves. This is probably his best work since he’s been at DC. His hyper real line work finally has the pop we’re use to seeing in Finch’s art. There’s even a great panel distinction between the Luthor scenes when compared to the Crime Syndicate ones. Johnny Quick and the gang have an unbalanced sense to the pages their in that fits the opposite world nature of the group to a tee.

Forever Evil (2013-) 002-006

If there’s one problem with the issue, it’s that the appearance of the Teen Titans feels like cannon fodder. The few pages that they’re in make it seems like nothing more than a setup for their own series tie-in arc. Which is a shame because I really wanted Tim Drake to emotionalize the Nightwing identity reveal in the first issue. Overall the issue and this series is something that you should definitely be reading.

8 out of 10! Do not miss it!