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First Teaser for Niantic’s Harry Potter Game Wizards Unite

Developer Niantic is most known for Pokemon Go, a mobile game turned worldwide phenomenon. Now they’re teaming up with WB Games to bring another beloved franchise into augmented reality, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Today they released a brief 30-second teaser which you can watch below.

Very little is known about this game, but we can safely expect it to have similar features of AR like Pokemon Go did. And while this trailer hasn’t told us anything too new, it’ll arrive on mobile devices come 2019.

By visiting the game’s website, you can read up more about the premise of the game, being that the Wizarding World is at risk of being exposed to the muggles (non-magic folk). We can’t wait to hear more about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as it might be another phenomenon similar to Pokemon Go!