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ninja-turtles-wallpaper-448x252It was funny how we almost forgot about the Michael Bay version of TMNT coming out because we were scared of what was going to become of it & we didn’t hear anything about it for quite awhile. But after a whole week of leaked pics of the Turtles & Shredder, (which we showed you in earlier articles) now it seems like we get more leaked photos just about everyday. Take a look at this leaked poster that surfaced on Reddit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


So here’s really the first look at what the turtles may look like up close. Honestly, when I first saw the pic that was first leaked a few days ago of the scale models, I was like “wow,” in a bad way. I was ready to make a meme with Bay’s face saying “Michael Bay, the man who ruined the 80’s.” Or even “Michael Bay, the man that ruins childhoods.” But after seeing a closer look at the turtles & shredder, I didn’t think that they looked so bad. They actually look pretty damn cool. The fact that they are wearing stuff you’d find in a junkyard or at a lost & found, is a pretty cool idea. Minus all of the sunglasses they have for some reason (which they probably will give a reason as to why in the film) & Mikey wearing a sweater wrapped around his waist as if he were Joey from the 90’s show Blossom. Hopefully most of you will get that joke. If not, then you’re probably too young to care about what Bay does to this film. When it comes to Shredder, he looks really close to Super Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. It’s pretty awesome. One thing I will say though, is that I will miss the iconic animatronic suits used in the original films. CGI will never beat that.

A thing I noticed about the poster is the fact that it just says “Ninja Turtles” & the words “Teenage Mutant” have been dropped. So I’m wondering if they aren’t going to be teens anymore. Maybe Bay will make it to where this film takes places years later? Not sure.

Even though the turtles don’t look bad in my opinion, I remember not to get too excited just yet, because after all, this is Michael Bay we are talking about. The man who made three crappy “Transformers” films & was the man that walked off stage in the middle of a presentation because he couldn’t talk about how it is to film a movie without using a teleprompter to help him describe what it was like to be a director. Oh & did I mention, Megan Fox is STILL April O’ Neil. Yippy…(sarcasm). I just hope that Bay learned from his mistakes & will do us proud with this.