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First Look at Marvel’s AVENGERS K Adapted From the Original Korean Series

Today, Marvel announced that they will bring the classic origin story of Ultron “presented as never seen before in a new dynamic style” with the Avengers K.

Avengers K will bring the traditional South Korean style of manhwa comics to the U.S. in a “brand new publishing initiative that will enlist an untapped pool of international talent.”

Avengers K will be a five-book series, with the first book being The Age of Ultron which will be an all-new 168 page oversized format coming this May.

Marvel SVP David Gabriel had this to say about the announcement:

“Marvel’s popularity is growing exponentially throughout Asia, specifically within Korea, which has resulted in a vast catalog of visually kinetic original content. Now, partnered with Daewon, Marvel is poised to introduce the international comic book community a bold reimagining of one of the most iconic Avengers stories ever told through the vibrant and action-packed manhwa format presented for our English-speaking fans for the very first time.”

Avengers K: Book 1: Avengers vs. Ultron is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Check below for the first look of Avengers K.






Writer: Si Yeon Park
Translator: Ji Eun Park
Artists: Woo Bin Choi with Jae Sung Lee, Min Ju Lee, Jae Woong Lee, Hee Ye Cho, Ji Hee Choi & In Young Lee
168 Pages …$24.99.