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First Images of Marvel’s Next One-Shot ‘ALL HAIL THE KING’ (Spoilers)


Now we know who the next Marvel One-Shot “All Hail the King,” will be about. It won’t be about Loki & his reign as king of Asgard but instead will be about the Mandarin as teased by Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin/Trevor Slattery) earlier this year.

Kingsley had stated a few months back, that he was doing a “secret project” with Marvel & some of the cast of Iron Man 3.

The short film is said to be about 14 minutes long & takes place at a maximum security prison as the “Mandarin” aka Trevor Slattery who was really a failed actor impersonating the “Real Mandarin,” trying to milk the fame he had received because of all the chaos that went down in Iron Man 3.

This is what Drew Pearce, writer & director of the One-Shot, told Entertainment Weekly:

Imagine a real terrorist organization whose beliefs were long held and religious for thousands of years, and imagine a drunk, British actor coming along and essentially telling the world that he’s the face of your organization. I think they would be right to be quite angry.”

When talking about if this One-Shot will lead into another Iron Man movie, here is what Pearce had to say:

I think short movies in general, whether they’re Marvel ones or not, you kind of want them to feel like they’re opening you up to a bigger world. Yeah, I definitely think there are – the non-spoiler way for me to say it — by the end of the short, there are definitely a lot of exciting other places that are brought up in it that could then go in the Marvel universe. You know, whether that’s an Iron Man movie or another one going into Phase Two or Three.

This One-Shot could be a quick fix for fans that were outraged by the way the Mandarin was portrayed & had close to no resemblance to the Mandarin which we have seen before in the comics.

The Marvel One-Shot “All Hail the King” will be included as part of the bonus features for Thor: The Dark World which will be released on DVD/Blu-ray Feb. 25. Until then, here are the images of “All Hail the King,” provided by Entertainment Weekly:





 Source: Entertainment Weekly