First Images from “Amityville: The Awakening”

amityville-awakening-5Sin City: A Dame to Kill opens in theaters this weekend and one of the trailers attached to the film is for “Amityville: The Awakening.”  A reader that claims to have seen it hooked up Dread Central with a description of the trailer and a few images.

Check out the trailer description and still below!

“That familiar Dimension Films logo gives way to –

A family (Mom Jennifer Jason Leigh, her gothy redheaded daughter, and Red’s little blonde sister) drive up to their new house –
Revealed to be 112 Ocean Ave. The Amityville Horror house.

Red isn’t happy about having moved, but it’s revealed that it was necessary to better care for her invalid brother (the poor lad – a teenager, it appears – is bedridden, comatose, and hooked up to monitors and a ventilator).

CARD: Inspired by True Events

Nighttime in the new home. Things gets creepy. Shadows move, wind blows, curtains billow (in slow motion, as they must), Bro’s monitor beeps.
Lil Sis wanders about, doing creepy young kid stuff.

Red investigates Bro, leading to a JUMP SCARE with him jumping up –

Red starts awake in bed – was it all a dream?

Doctor Clarence J. Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith, from Robocop) appears, assuring the family that it’s impossible for Bro to have woken up.
More creepiness ensues – doors slams, writing scratched into a wall reads ”Kill Them All

Bro’s fingers twitch when no one is looking.

A young man’s voice intones –

”In 1974, the owner of this house murdered his whole family. He said voices told him to do it.”

Doc Clarence investigates Bro – rolls him over, discovers numerous maggots dug into his back and lining his bedsheets. An impossible amount of flies spill forth from them, attacking Clarence and rushing down his gullet.

Or did they? He snaps to, unharmed, as though the whole thing were a hallucination.

From The Producer of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister

Red: ”This house is really bad…”

Red hovers over Bro, speaks to him: ”How can I help you?

His monitor reads: KILL ME

Red sobs.

Between Illusion

Lil Sis stumbles across a pale, nude demon with sharp teeth. It hisses at her.

And Reality

Mom grabs a knife, looks frightened.

Lies Real Evil

Flashes of brother pulling himself out of bed like a herky-jerky J-horror villain.

Somebody crashes through one of the Amityville home’s infamous upper windows, taking a long fall down.

Red screams.

Title: Amityville: The Awakening

Final moment – Red walks into the home, is greeted in the dining room by Mom and Lil Sis.

Mom: ”Hi, honey! Come sit down, we were just getting ready to eat.”